A young woman who temporarily lost herself in the after effects of the Iraq war, woke up one morning, wondering where her essential self had gone.  Buried in day to day life, obligations, and family, she found herself bitter, tired, and uninspired.

Throughout her post war life, she has learned to accept that change is inevitable.  People change.  Her husband did after he was wounded in Iraq.  Spending an incredible amount of time on everyone else, she realized that the key to gaining any momentum now, would be to fiercly focus on reclaiming, reexamining, and accepting herself as she is now.

A journey of womanhood, post war injuries, servitude, and hope, Israel is determined to redefine who she is.

She is renewed by the incredible odds and struggles Veteran families of all eras deal with.  Inspired by their grace, wisdom, and welcoming, she hopes to pass the inspiration on to you, the reader.


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