Sweet and soft, she is changing, she is flying.

Passing by the world she knew, she is crying, she is lying.

Inside and frightened, she is learning, she is yearning,

For all the lies she was told were true.

Shadows and Men like giants, she is serving, she is earning.

Tight-rope walk their red lines, she is fighting, she is raging.

Another war is about to ensue.

Hands all around her now.

Hearts all black and blue.

Bones are broken, dreams are stolen, still they’re fighting, still they’re dying.

Israel strength subdue.

Edged and wearing, she is rising, she is breathing.

Passion burns her heart anew, she is coming, she is stirring.

Purpose drives her back to you, she is standing, she is lighting.

Israel, gone away from us, returns

Israel her strength imbued.